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The unoffical MiniGame Compo 2010 webpage

Who will win these this year???

Latest news:
The 4K voting has ended. Unfortunately no-one has sent in a score. I will not make my votes only as representative so no winner will be announced.

Discuss whether this compo has still existingrights on the new site.

The 2K voting has ended. The results can be read here, but the winners are : Shiru, Dr Beep and Tudor Bohemia. Congratulations to you all. 

The votingform can be downloaded here.
Update 03-01-2011: No votes for 4K yet, end date voring extended to 31-01-2011!!! 

I am working on a new site for 2011. Have a preview here!
A forum for the 2010 games is also there.

The 1K results and comments are now here.


Due to the missing of the official MiniGame Compo website I started this site.
I find it important to keep the MiniGame Compo alive although the compo of last year only had a few 
voters. I value the development of games and the fun to it more important than the voting at the end, although
I will try to eliminate abuse voting. All voted games must have a comment WHY you value the game that score.
I will check if this is a value comment by comparing other comments and my own comment on the game.
If the comment is too different from other voters I will skip the score.
The compo will be in the same categories as last year
1K, 2K and 4K but ONLY for 8 bit computers!!!!!
The last day for submission of each compo will be:
1K : 31 august 2010 
2K : 31 october 2010
4K : 30 november 2010

Voting can be done in the month following closure.
All entries can be sent to DR_BEEP2000@OOHAY.DE and will be published here 
(SPAM prevent:Type OOHAY backwards for the right address).
The games must be sent as a ZIP-file containing the game in a format that
most emulators can handle and may not be larger than the maximum value for the compo it is for,
I.e. a C64 game must be a 1K PRG-file and not a complete DSK-file with a small part of the DSK the program
I must introduce this rule since I will not be able to determine if the program uses more of the DSK-file than
the reserved amount of space for the game. All other minimal filesizes as in previous compo's count.
(Fill ROM-files with 0 for Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum + 25 bytes for headerdata etc.. etc..) 
Dr Beep.

Downloadlinks for emulators

Atari 2600       
Commodore 64 / VIC 20
Radio-86RK, Apogey BK01, Mikrosha, Partner 01.01
Tandy models
ZX Spectrum

And now the games:
1K Games Downloadlink
Atari 2600
"Adventure 1K" by Rick Skrbina
" Adventure 1K "
VIC 20
"Realm of Omari" by Aleksi Eeben
" Realm of Omari "
ZX 81
"1K Mazezam" by Malcolm Tyrrell
" 1K Mazezam "
"qfrog" by Paul Daniels
" qfrog "
"Pacman1K" by Matt Barber
" Pacman1K "
ZX Spectrum
"PIT PAT" by Dr Beep 
(level 9 by BloodBaz)
"Shogun" by Dr Beep
" Shogun "

2K Games Downloadlink
Atari 2600
"Shoot the B's" by Chris Read
" Shoot the B's "
"Video Pencil" by Chris Read
" Video Pencil "
Radio-86RK, Apogey BK01, 
Mikrosha, Partner 01.01
"Gridscan" by Shiru
" Gridscan "
Tandy Model 100
"MathCommand" by Curtis F Kaylor
" MathCommand "
VIC 20
"Where is my prince?" by Tudor Bohemia
" Where is my prince? "
ZX Spectrum
"Stratego 2K" by Dr Beep
" Stratego 2K "

4K Games Downloadlink
Atari 2600
"Halo 2600" by Ed Fries
" Halo 2600 "
"Minigolf" by Tony Cruise 
" Minigolf "
"Bomber" by Tony Cruise 
" Bomber "
VIC 20
"Theater of War" by Ghislain de Blois
" Theater of War "
"SETI" by Jeffrey Daniels
" SETI "
ZX Spectrum
"Mushroomman 4K" by Dr Beep 
" Mushroomman 4K "